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About us

Betthera is built on large experience in the field of medical and emerging technologies, their development, testing and clinical validation as well as their commercialization, business planning and diligent follow up execution. We understand each client is specific and our studies and assessments will adapt to specific needs. The entrepreneurial approach simplifies the negotiation and execution of each individual service to our clients.

Our main differentiator is our experience with economic and social impact studies, developed models, overview of current research and development trends, broad application network of companies, tight links with academia, healthcare data from CEE region and many more.

Betthera experts:

Petra Marešová, Ph.D.

Lukáš Peter, Ph.D.

Kamil Kuča, Ph.D.

Lukáš Režný, Ph.D.

Michaela Dvořáková

Kristina Randlová

Klára Bajgarová

Rudolf Fryček, Ph.D.