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Prediction of public budget needs for regional neurogenerative disease patient care

The aging population is the target group for many smart solutions, medical devices, assistive devices or robots. If you need to prove the importance of your solution for this target group, we will provide an example of calculating potential savings in public budgets, or, conversely, we will help set the price.

We provided economic evaluation of social and healthcare care for people with neurogenerative disease from the point of view of the burden on local governments and their budgets. View of patients themselves and their caregivers was are also considered. The prediction was modeled in relation to the development of the patient population to support planning and decision-making.

Economic evaluation of medical device development and decision support system

We developed an interactive interface for verifying the effectiveness of investment in the development of medical devices. The input parameters were set in cooperation with the companies on the specific market segment. The final evaluation included the use of selected economic indicators of investment evaluation, as well as outlines the possibilities and risks in relation to the current situation of the company in the market. We provided an algorithm for its own later use and modifications.

Economic impact of new solution/alternative treatment on target group

We provided an economic analysis of acupuncture for migraine prophylaxis – cost comparison was done of acupuncture in patients with migraine after a 3-month treatment and a 6-month follow-up from three perspectives: a paying third party, the patient, and society in general.

Economic impact studies can be created comprehensively, as described above, or focus on a single perspective, and vice versa, combining multiple analytical and economic methods and indicators to verify all aspects and increase the informative value.

The benefits of medical imaging system acquisition

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) provides a framework for decision-making on institutional, regional and national levels. During its preparation an emphasis is placed on determining the specific effectiveness focused on the needs of the individual acquirer/applicant.

We provided the HTA showing the costs and benefits of acquiring the technology in relation to the current conditions in the region. It included description of the currently used technologies, the cost of device acquisition, organizational and social aspects related to it. It shows the necessity of the devices in a specific location/population radius.

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