Start of the new HE project – IN-ARMOR

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and multi-drug resistance, whereby pathogens evolve to resist antibiotic drugs, is designated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a top 10 health threat of our time1. The next global pandemic could be a multi-drug resistant bacteria, or emergence of ‘pan-drug’ resistant strains (resistant to all existing drugs).
This could return us to pre-antibiotic times where common infections could be lethal2. AMR is already a high burden disease and was the third leading cause of death compared with all underlying causes of death in the global burden of disease (GBD) in 2019. On the basis of the counterfactual of no infection; only ischaemic heart disease and stroke accounted for more deaths that year.

IN-ARMOR has started on 1st of May 2023 and Betthera´s responsibility in the project will be HTA definition, systematic review and also the full HTA report.