Start of the new Horizon Europe project – ARTEMIS

ARTEMIs was launched on the 1st of January with the aim of making a major leap forward in the management of MAFLD. The leading cause of chronic liver disease (CLD) in Europe surpassing viral hepatitis and alcohol-related causes.

ARTEMIs´ promising approach aims to control this fast-growing metabolic syndrome and its complications by leveraging advanced liver and heart Virtual Twins. For this purpose, the project will co-design, develop, and evaluate a clinical decision support system (CDSS) for application in the clinical management of MAFLD patients.

“Despite the progress of research, many questions remain open about the evolution and treatment of MAFLD: I am convinced that digital twins have their role to play in finding answers to these questions and understanding the impact on other organs such as the heart”, affirms Irène Vignon-Clémentel; Scientific Coordinator (INRIA).

To advance knowledge in this field, the European Union (EU), through the Horizon Europe (HE) programme, will invest 10 million euros in ARTEMIs over the next 4 years. Thanks to this EU- funded project, a powerful tool to help decision-making towards improved patient management strategies, personalized diagnostics, and innovative therapeutic strategies will be developed. ARTEMIs has the ambition to enable early disease detection, prediction of disease progression, and effective disease management. This will ultimately contribute to promoting Real-World Data and AI for secure and ethical decision-making in healthcare in alignment with some of the most ambitious EU goals in terms of healthcare digitalization in the coming years.

“ARTEMIs is grounded upon three building blocks: a multimodal and regulatory-grade MAFLD cohort, liver and heart Virtual Twins, and a user-friendly Smart Dashboard”, expressed Cristina d’Almeida, ARTEMIs´Consortium Building Leader.